Strategic Talent Management: ‘Creating High Performing Teams’

About this Event

Strategic Talent Management: ‘Creating High Performing Teams’

June 16, 2016
Warwick Business School, The Shard
London, United Kingdom


The Shard

Everyone understands the importance of and impact that high quality staff have on the success of the development office, and an institution overall. But it isn’t always easy to recruit and retain talented staff. In terms of reach, is the HE sector limiting itself by relying heavily on traditional human resource models? Can strategic talent management help refine the quest for the right talent, and ensure we run high-performing institutions?

This exclusive, senior-level forum led by Edith Prak, director of development at the Open University and Lindsay Lewis, independent consultant, will demystify the concept and practice of talent management, outline key strategies for success, and provide insight from outside the sector.

Topics addressed:
  • the role of leadership in talent management
  • strategies for re-engineering recruitment, assessment and identifying ‘stars’
  • how to ensure institutional culture and values under-pin and enhance employee engagement
  • case studies and examples of model practice and lessons learned from a range of institutions
Who should attend?

Senior directors of development, marketing and communications, fundraising and/ or alumni relations; directors of operations and strategy and senior HR professionals working in universities.

Join us to gain new insight and stimulus and engage in high quality conversations with peers as we explore this new world of strategic HR.


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